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Reviews of English Catholics and the Supernatural are coming in thick and fast, and the latest is in Recusant History, the journal of the Catholic Record Society. I tend to think of this journal as my academic ‘home’, as it was here that my first ever peer-reviewed article was published back in 2004 – ten years ago exactly, in fact, as ‘Mother Mary More and the Exile of the Augustinian Canonesses of Bruges in England, 1794-1802’ came out in the May issue. The very generous review is by Dr Laura Sangha of the University of Exeter, and describes the book as ‘diligently researched’, noting that ‘An undoubted strength of Francis Young’s study is his sensitivity to the cultural context within which Catholics encountered the supernatural’. The review concludes that ‘The study will be of interest to students of supernatural belief, Counter-Reformation Catholicism, and in English early modern religious cultures more broadly’. I am grateful to Dr Sangha for her comments.

The reference is Recusant History 32 (2014), pp. 132-134.

On the theme of the Catholic Record Society, the 2014 conference is now open for booking and will feature, on Wednesday 30th May, a tour given by me of the Bishop’s Palace in Ely, with a particular focus on its role as a prison for recusants 1577-97.

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