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Sandars Lecture 2016: ‘John Caius: history as argument’

Yesterday I attended the first of the 2016 Sandars Lectures delivered by Professor Anthony Grafton at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, which this year (in honour of the 600th anniversary of … Continue reading

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The Gold Angel: legendary coin, enduring amulet

For an historian of the English Reformation interested in Catholicism, survivals of Catholic imagery and practice into the post-Reformation period are always especially fascinating. One such survival, which was given … Continue reading

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Contract signed for The Abbey of Bury St Edmunds: History, Legacy and Discovery

I have recently signed a contract with the Lasse Press to publish my book The Abbey of Bury St Edmunds: History, Legacy and Discovery in September 2016. This will be … Continue reading

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Historicising paganism, paganising history

On a recent visit to Stockholm I was intrigued by a collection of Sami religious artefacts in the Nordiska Museet. Apart from the irony that these objects belonging to a non-Nordic people were … Continue reading

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