Short fiction

In addition to his nonfiction books, Francis is also the author (as F. K. Young) of two collections of supernatural stories.

Shades of Rome: Ghostly Tales of Roman Britain (Peterborough: St Jurmin Press, 2023)

At Saturnalia a couple inadvertently make an offering at a long-lost sacred well, with horrifying consequences. Two archaeology students go in search of an unlucky altar on Hadrian’s Wall. A historian uncovers evidence of medieval idolatry in a Suffolk village. An Oxford academic narrowly escapes disaster after attempting to read a curse tablet. The de-consecration of a church spells disaster for a village built on top of a Roman town. A criminal who illegally excavates Roman artefacts suffers supernatural retribution. A young woman dies in a reconstructed temple of Apollo. In these seven supernatural stories by historian F. K. Young the dark powers of Roman Britain, buried for nearly two thousand years, are waking up …

Yellow Glass and Other Ghost Stories (Peterborough: St Jurmin Press, 2020)

The stained glass of a French cathedral is cursed by dark magic; an Icelandic rune raises a terrifying revenant; a fossil triggers an incursion from the fairy otherworld; three men are mysteriously burnt to death in an open field; a mysterious book haunts the dreams of three people over decades. Featuring seven stories of the supernatural and macabre, including ‘This Is My Book’ (winner of a prize in the 2018 ‘Ghosts in the Bookshop’ short story competition), historian F. K. Young’s début collection of ghost stories explores the terrors that await incautious delvers into the unquiet past …

Other short fiction

‘To The Unclean Spirits’, Ghosts & Scholars 23 (November 2022), pp. 13-19