Podcasts and recorded talks

Although Francis does not have a podcast of his own, he is a frequent guest on historical podcasts, including The Rest is History, Not Just the Tudors, HistoryHit’s Gone Medieval, the Folklore Podcast and BBC History Extra. Some of his online talks have also been recorded, and this page provides links to a selection of Francis’s recorded talks and podcast appearances.


History Rage: Medieval Paganism (28 November 2022)

Not Just the Tudors: Sorcery and the Tudor Court (31 October 2022)

Tales of Wihtlore: Magic in Merlin’s Realm (30 April 2022)

Religion Off the Beaten Track: Magic and Politics in British History (18 April 2022)

The Rest is History: Merlin, Magic and the British (11 April 2022)

Gone Medieval (HistoryHit): Saint Edmund, England’s Lost King (June 2021)

BBC History Extra: Christmas Ghost Stories (21 December 2020)

The Folklore Podcast: Exorcism (20 July 2020)

Talking Tudors: Magic and Witchcraft in Tudor England (13 September 2019)

Deviatus Pod: Exorcism (2 October 2017)

Recorded talks

‘Magic and Politics in British History’ for Crediton Library, 28 October 2022

‘Lithuanian Paganism During the Reformation’, Razib Khan’s Unsupervised Learning, 17 October 2022

‘England’s Other Westminster Abbey: Bury St Edmunds and its Royal Shrine’ for The Churches Conservation Trust, 26 November 2021

‘Indexing Local History’ for the British Association for Local History, 12 October 2021

‘The Benedictines in Suffolk’ for Downside Abbey, 25 August 2021

‘Christmas Ghosts’ for The Churches Conservation Trust, 4 December 2020

‘Monasticism in Suffolk’ for The English Catholic History Association, 20 November 2020

‘Macabre Church-Lore’ for The Churches Conservation Trust, 22 October 2020

‘St Edmund’ for We Love Bury St Edmunds, 24 August 2018