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Inferior Office? front cover

The front cover for my book Inferior Office? A History of Deacons in the Church of England, to be published on 30 April by James Clarke & Co., has just … Continue reading

February 26, 2015 · 1 Comment

St Edmund’s nail-parings: the real story

The nail-parings of St Edmund made a cameo appearance in this week’s episode of the BBC’s adaptation of Wolf Hall. In one scene, Thomas Cromwell is presented with a box … Continue reading

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The Bishop’s Palace at Ely in the sixteenth century

This evening I spoke to the Ely and District Archaeological Society on the theme ‘The Bishop’s Palace at Ely in the sixteenth century: recovering the evidence’. The aim of the … Continue reading

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The Cambridge Book of Magic, attributed to Paul Foreman

Paul Foreman was a sixteenth-century necromancer (ritual magician), who used the traditional prayers and liturgy of the pre-Reformation church in an effort to coerce and control angels and demons to … Continue reading

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Catholics in Ely and the Fens

Last night I delivered a talk to the Ely Society at Ely Museum on the subject of ‘Catholics in Ely and the Fens’. I addressed the issue of the survival … Continue reading

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