Book reviewed in Catholic Historical Review


English Catholics and the Supernatural has been reviewed in Catholic Historical Review, the journal of the American Catholic Historical Association, which is published by the Catholic University of America Press. I was honoured to be reviewed by Professor Michael Questier of Queen Mary, University of London, who is one of the world’s leading historians of the Counter-Reformation. Prof. Questier comments that ‘The author has a very valid premise for this volume’, and goes on to describe the content of the book and the main areas of debate concerning the relationship between the Catholic community in England and the supernatural. In Questier’s view, ‘The author brings out well enough how the politics of debate about these issues generated skepticism as well as assent’ and his draws particular attention to my conclusion that Catholics were no more or less superstitious than anyone else, describing it as ‘Historiographically … of some significance’.

I am grateful to Prof. Questier for such a gracious and informative review. The review can be found in Catholic Historical Review 100:2 (2014) pp. 321-322.




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