Recent reviews of English Catholics and the Supernatural

Ecclesiastical History

A number of reviews of English Catholics and the Supernatural have appeared in the second half of this year. The book has been reviewed by Prof. Alexandra Walsham of the University of Cambridge, Dr Andrew Sneddon of the University of Ulster, Dr Elizabeth Ferguson of the University of Toronto and Fr Jerome Bertram of the Birmingham Oratory.

Andrew Sneddon’s review appeared in Social History 39:2 (2014), pp. 273-4. According to Dr Sneddon, the book ‘is a well-written, informative and much-needed account of Catholic attitudes to the supernatural and will become the natural starting point for anyone studying the subject. It demonstrates a deep understanding of English Catholicism, as well as an ability to locate it in its wider religious context’. Elizabeth Ferguson’s review appeared in the Journal of Ecclesiastical History 65-4 (2014), pp. 925-6. Dr Ferguson writes that ‘The strength of this book lies in its overall intention to understand English Catholicsrelationship with the supernatural primarily from a Catholic perspective’. She concludes that ‘Youngs study deepens our understanding of the complexity and uniqueness of English Catholicsviews on superstition’.

I am grateful to all the reviewers who have so graciously and generously commented on the book.




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