Coronation ordines compared: 1953 and 2023

Late last night the Church of England released the Order of Service for the Coronation of King Charles III on 6 May, one week from today. The Coronation rite contains much that is old, but also a great deal that is new, and in the following document I have made a side-by-side comparison of the Coronation ordines in 1953 and 2023 which should make it clear what has changed, and what has stayed the same.

I am happy for anyone to make use of my comparative table, with appropriate acknowledgement, in order to interpret the forthcoming Coronation.

7 replies on “Coronation ordines compared: 1953 and 2023”

Thank you for your ccomparative table and commentary. I believe you will find that the coronation service of George I (1714) was largely in Latin, but I have been unable to track down a text.

I have seen this asserted once or twice too, but I have seen no evidence that it is true. On the contrary, the contemporary printed order of service, and all records of the day, are all in English. (See the text at my website which includes a comparitive table of all the coronations from 1689 to 2023.)

Thank you for this, for which I have been waiting some time. I am surprised that the Order of Service has been so late in publication.

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