Publication of Yellow Glass and Other Ghost Stories

I have long contemplated bringing out a collection of antiquarian ghost stories, and it has finally come to pass with the publication of Yellow Glass and Other Ghost Stories, my début collection of supernatural tales. The book features seven stories that explore supernatural themes related to the unexpected and unpleasant consequences of delving into the unquiet past…

I had no plans to take this digression into fiction until December 2018, when my story ‘This Is My Book’ unexpectedly won a runner-up prize in the Petersfield Bookshop’s ‘Ghosts in the Bookshop’ short story competition. That encouraged me to write a few more ghost stories – and polish up some old ones – which are published in this volume for the first time.

As Roger Clarke, the author of A Natural History of Ghosts, kindly describes the book:

“A sickly yellow rose window in a French cathedral has an unpleasant surprise for a conservator; an old woman’s monstrous book hoard lingers unprepared for sleep; a slice of human regret lurks impersonated in the geothermal springs of Iceland. One always dreams a favourite academic might come up with some ghost stories and here all at once it has happened: admirers of Munby, Baker and of course the master MR James should spring faster than an occult guardian to embrace these treasures, these vignettes of the mind and genre.”

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