Legends of Peterborough Saints at the John Clare Theatre

St Pega of Peakirk, one of Peterborough’s endemic saints

This afternoon I delivered a lecture on behalf of Peterborough Archives at the John Clare Theatre on the subject of ‘Legends of Peterborough Saints’, based on my book Peterborough Folkore. Beginning with the saints associated with the foundation of Medeshamstede in the seventh century, such as Sts Kyneburgha, Kyneswitha, Tibba, Wulfade and Ruffin. I went on to consider famous Peterborough relics such as the incorrupt arm of St Oswald and Peterborough’s fourteenth-century ‘folk saint’, Laurence of Oxford, before concluding with a discussion of the cult of Katharine of Aragon, who was buried in Peterborough Cathedral in 1536. The talk was followed by an interesting discussion, and I am grateful to the Peterborough Archives Service for inviting me to speak once again in this series.

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