Lecture to Bury St Edmunds Past and Present Society

Bury Guildhall

This evening I delivered a lecture to the Bury St Edmunds Past and Present Society entitled ‘Catholics in Bury St Edmunds in the eighteenth century’. The event took place at the Hunter Club in St Andrew’s Street. I summarised my findings concerning the Catholic community in the town in the period 1660-1800 in my book The Gages of Hengrave and Suffolk Catholicism, 1640-1767, which is as much about the wider Catholic community in West Suffolk as it is about the county’s foremost recusant family, the Gages. The Suffolk Records Society was represented by the General Editor, David Sherlock, and I was glad to see that the talk was so well attended. I was particularly pleased to meet Martyn Taylor, author of Secret Bury St Edmunds and other books.

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