Where is St Edmund? reviewed in Douai Magazine

Douai Abbey

A review of my Where is St Edmund?, by Dom Hugh Somerville Knapman, has appeared in Douai Magazine, the journal of the Abbey of St Edmund, King and Martyr at Woolhampton (known as Douai Abbey). Fr Knapman describes the book as ‘an enjoyable and illuminating read’ and acknowledges that my argument that St Edmund’s body remains at Bury St Edmunds is ‘significantly more probable’ than the various alternatives suggested over the centuries. I am grateful to Fr Knapman, who has a longstanding interest in his Abbey’s titular martyr, for taking the time to review the book, and for his constructive and gracious comments on the text.

The review can be found in Douai Magazine 176 (2014), pp. 39-41.

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