Rookwood Book of Hours SAVED!

Rookwood Hours04
The Rookwood Book of Hours, image © Sotheby’s

I am delighted to say that the Rookwood Book of Hours will now be returning to East Anglia and taking its home amongst the Rookwood family papers at Cambridge University Library after the University Library purchased the manuscript on Tuesday for £11,000. Thank you to everyone who has lent their support to this cause. This manuscript has the potential to advance our understanding of how post-Reformation Catholic families related to the medieval past, as well as being an intrinsic part of the Rookwood manuscripts. Congratulations and thanks to Cambridge University Library for being willing to preserve this piece of recusant heritage.

One reply on “Rookwood Book of Hours SAVED!”

Congratulations on saving the Rookwood Book of Hours for Britain!
I am researching Sir Lewes Lewkenor, James Is Master of the Ceremonies.
In the will of Arundell West, dated 1620, Arundell, sick in body, etc. makes Sir Lewis (sic) Lewkenor his executor. Arundell leaves to “my little mistress Bridget Lewkenor probably about 5 years old) the lease of my house in Drury Lane, next to Mr.Forate, which Mr.Thomas Rookwood stands bound to redeeme by promise within one yeare, yf he be thereunto urged.”
I wonder whether Thomas is one of your Rookwoods …

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