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A review of English Catholics and the Supernatural has appeared on the Institute of Historical Research’s ‘Reviews in History’ website, by Dr Emilie K. M. Murphy, the Royal Historical Society Centenary Fellow at the IHR, whose PhD was on the subject of recusant music. Dr Murphy describes the book as ‘A wide-ranging, ambitious account that deservedly earned Young a PhD,’ and comments that ‘Young is … successful in firmly integrating the experiences of continental English Catholic exiles alongside their counterparts in England.’ The generous review goes on to state that ‘Young is … talented in making complex scientific and intellectual discourse easy to follow.’ Dr Murphy concludes that ‘English Catholics and the Supernatural … provides some fascinating insight and I would recommend this to anyone interested in the history of Catholicism, the intellectual and religious history of post-Reformation England, and early modern engagement with the supernatural.’

I am very grateful to Emilie Murphy for her review, which is very full and informative and reflects her deep knowledge of English Catholic culture.


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