Publication of article on the Tasburghs of Flixton

My article ‘The Tasburghs of Flixton and Catholicism in North-east Suffolk, 1642-1767’ has just been published in volume 42 of Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History. The Tasburghs were the most important recusant family in the northeast quadrant of Suffolk from the mid-seventeenth century onwards; unusually, they did not remain Catholic throughout the reign of Elizabeth but converted to Catholicism as a consequence of the influence of Lettice Cressy, widow of Sir John Tasburgh, after his death in 1629. The Tasburghs went on to experience severe hardship during the Civil War but were responsible for the earliest Benedictine mission in East Anglia, founded in 1657 and still functioning today in the form of the Benedictine-run parish of Bungay. This article traces the decline of the Tasburghs in the eighteenth century and the provisions they made to ensure the continuation of Catholicism in the Waveney Valley and beyond.

One reply on “Publication of article on the Tasburghs of Flixton”

Dear Mr Young , I am interested ( for family historical reasons ) in the Tasburghs of Flixton about whom you have written papers . A branch of the Tasburghs moved to Ireland & held the Abbey & lands of Cong(e) , Co. Mayo in the late 17th /early 18th centuries .One forebear of mine Margaret Tasburgh married Owen O Malley of Burrishoole Co Mayo c 1725 . She died in 1789 & her grave stone is next to the altar in Burrishoole Abbey They remained Roman Catholic & Margaret’s grandsons Joseph & Austin O Malley fought with the french General Humbert in the 1798 rebellion .Do you have any information on the Irish branch ? I would be delighted to have access to your two publications : The Tasburghs of Flixton and Catholicism in North East Suffolk 1642-1767 , & The Tasburghs of Bodney; Catholicism & Politics in South Norfolk . Can these be purchased ? Yours Sincerely , Edward King .( The Mullagh , Dooagh , Achill , Co. Mayo Tel. 00353862228710 )

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